Thursday, March 28, 2013

War on Hurricanes; US Navy VS Mother Nature

Now then what if we take all the Nuclear Subs at Norfolk, VA that needed to be moved along with the entire fleet in the harbor to get out of the way of the Hurricane Isabel and use them to defeat said Isabel. Here are some additional ideas besides towing an Ice Berg into the ocean and into the eye of the Hurricane as mentioed a few posts down on this board. Here is a thought.

We get the subs in parallel and down where the water is cool, they tow cool water with them and do a maximum climb to the surface bringing with them cool water thus diffusion the hot surface water and slowing the hurricane. Meanwhile the fleet zig zags in front of the Hurricane making the sea very choppy and causing large swells, which also will slow the Hurricane also it sturs up the colder water under the surface and lowers the water temperature. If we slow the Hurricane it saves lives and destruction and if you are going to move the fleet anyway, why not do some good and practice Typhoon weather.

Meanwhile if you wish to cause a Hurricane, heat up the water in the eye of a tropical storm and keep heating the water in the path you intend to deliver the rain too. For instance a side of the country with lakes and less populations to fill up the lakes, such as hitting the coast of China to fill up the new reservoir, but come onto land where there are not people. The US Navy and Laser Research Program gets the money, China gets the water, we control the weather and mankind gets the new technology. We can charge them big bucks for this service and therefore we can get some of the money flow back from our outrageous trade deficit.

Now if an enemy comes our way, what a deterrent? If you mess with US or allies, we mess with your weather, all of a sudden no more challengers or wars?

Towing Icebergs Into Hurricane Eye with an Aircraft Carrier can actually be done quite easily. There have been many break away ice bergs that scientists and coastal residents have worried about as well as shipping companies. GPS tracks these ice bergs, but we could be using them, by towing them behind aircraft carriers during Hurricane season and delivering fresh water to those areas in need until which time the season had ended. There have been so many ideas on controlling weather and destroying Hurricanes and much of these are quite interesting.

Collapsing the eye of a Hurricane. Is there a way to collapse a Hurricane? Is it possible to send out a laser beam. Or trap the air on the edges of the Hurricanes eye and cause them to disrupt their pattern and cause turbulence from within, slowing the viability of the Hurricane’s force? Could we detonate bombs in an opposite direction of the Hurricanes travel in fast sequence, which would cause the Hurricane to deform and break apart? It has been calculated that a bomb in the middle of a Hurricane would not do much due to the incredible force of the Hurricane. Is this true. And since we have never tried it, how would we know this is correct? By super expanding the eye of a Hurricane, it would slow down the Hurricane’s power. The Researchers say that adding a thermo nuclear bomb to the hurricane could or might make it worse? But how do you know? Perhaps we can attempt making a mini-hurricane in a Wind-tunnel and then throwing in an Hand Grenade? Anyway it seems to me it would destroy the Hurricane model and the wind-tunnel too? Maybe I am wrong:

We have previously decided that this might be a decent idea if used on the proper scale:


Now then if we sit around and do nothing we are foolish. We should try whenever the possibility comes forth. Every experiment we do will lead to possible solution and remembering that necessity is the Mother of Invention, I would rather try than allow Mother Nature to deliver the Father of all storms to attack a defenseless coastline. Surely we can attack a Hurricane with the same vengeance as we attack our enemies of the same species. The strength of a hurricane depends on many things. The heat exchange from the ocean and it’s temperature. Temperature changes in the natural air flow. And one of the largest determinants of a Hurricane is the initial intensity of the storm, before it grows into a huge storm.

If we cannot kill a large Hurricane, could we slow the initial storm or tropical depression by changing the differentials in temperatures between changes in air and ocean? So the issues are only heat or lack of. So we can slow or destroy a Hurricane by changing its components needed for growth. Changing or restricting its flow or take away one of it’s triangle sides. Ocean temp, Air Temp or Initial Storm Power. Cooler water in choppy seas deactivates a Hurricane’s strength. So we create a Tsunami starting from the shoreline and point it to surface near the center traveling trough the point of the strongest wind.

If we tow an Ice Berg into the eye of a Hurricane it will change the water temperature of the ocean waters surface by much more than is needed to slow or collapse a Hurricane. So we simply tow an Ice Cube, Ice Berg into the Atlantic prior to the season and if we have a huge hurricane approach tow the ice berg into the hurricane with something that cannot be sunk, like the USS Ronald Reagan Aircraft Carrier which is designed to go through a Typhoon. Piece of cake.

Actually I am correct, it would be rather simple to do. May as well prove to the world we can control hurricanes and hire out our Navy to save the Pacific Rim, talk about a PR move to build alliances? And the money could be charged to those governments and offset the cost of our military. Sounds crazy? Well most things on this board do, but many of these ideas are not impossible. Science Fiction sounds strange the first time you here it. Here is some more information on this subject;


I would please like more information on my crazy idea theory of towing an iceberg into a Hurricane Eye to slow or destroy it. I have developed drawings of proper placement. If you have crazy ideas, let's here them, let's open our minds and get some out of the box thinking here, because our next Hurricane season, that of 2005 is already predicting 13 Hurricanes. If you have an idea or an answer to the War on Hurricanes, alert the media.

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